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For more than 15 years, Best Wash has prided itself on attention to detail and customer service. With high quality work at affordable pricing, both residential and commercial clients agree that Best Wash has the experience, knowledge and strength to get the job done.

Below is a complete listing of our services. If you have an upcoming project please keep Best Wash in mind.

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Many of our services below go hand-in-hand with one another. For example, after pressure washing or restoration work we recommend water repellant to help preserve the structure. Whether it is landscaping, repainting or repointing, it is our goal at Best Wash to improve the look and integrity of your building and property.

Pressure Washing
If you are familiar with pressure washing you know how effective it can be to clean and even strip away paint. Unfortunately, if the process is done correctly, pressure washing can actually damage the surface leading to costly repairs or replacement.

Our crew of trained employees will test an area of your building or structure to determine the best chemical and treatment to produce the best result possible. Preventing interior water damage while pressure washing is also taken into consideration with each job. Best Wash typically performs this service on structures below 10 stories.

Water Repellant
Applied to new or freshly cleaned brick or stone exteriors, water repellant is applied to help preserve the exterior of the building as well as to prevent water seepage. Depending upon the specific treatment, water repellant will typically last for approximately 10 years under normal conditions.

Often times, hidden beneath layers of paint lies a beautiful brick exterior. With Best Wash's restoration work you can once again enjoy the like-new beauty of your structure. Properly restoring a structure takes experience, patience, the right tools and equipment to get the best results. Case in point: Our team worked on restoring the River View Manor located on Front Street in Harrisburg. If you have driven by the property, you can see the results are amazing. The once dilapidated building is now an upscale condo that has quickly drawn interest and residents. With a complete exterior restoration, the building was preserved and restored to like-new condition.

Specializing in both interior and exterior painting, our crew at Best Wash can handle simple interior trim work to recoating an entire warehouse exterior.


From lawn care to snow removal, Best Wash has the ability to keep your property safe, appealing and under control.

Please check back as we continue to add photos and service descriptions, case studies and testimonials.

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